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The car screeched to a halt, my fingers were shaking on the wheel. I could literally feel all the bones in my body rattle. What had I done? In the pitch black darkness, my eyes could barely see. I looked around and there seemed to be no one about. I wanted to leave, to run and not look back. Who would know it was me? I would and God would. So I stepped off the car and rushed to the dog. Blood oozed from his leg and he seemed in pain.

I moved it from the ground and into the back seat of my car.

I fumbled in my pockets and fumbled for my phone. I could not just take it to the hospital; it had to be a qualified vet’s clinic. I called my mum and explained what had happened. She gave me directions to one of the veterinary clinics near where I was and said she would meet me there. As I sped off I kept praying that the poor dog would not lose conscience because then it would be serious. As soon as I parked on the clinic block I saw my mum rushing towards me. I expected her to be upset but instead she looked calm. Behind her some vet assistants wheeled a stretcher towards my vehicle. I quickly opened the back and watched as they gently transferred the dog to the stretcher.

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Place your order here. My mum hugged me and together we followed them into the clinic. The vet in charge looked at the dog and informed us that what she needed was just a little water and a dressing. She assured me that the dog, whose collar read Ruby, would be fine. I was very relieved. As we waited for the dog to be treated I kept wondering where we would find its owner. As if reading my thoughts, my mum said we would keep it home and report to the authorities as we waited for the owner to show up.

We waited anxiously for the owner and despite our inquiries the authorities did not yield any information for us concerning Ruby’s owner. In the end we decided to keep Ruby because she was such a lovely and friendly dog. Five years down the line I do not regret taking responsibility. Ruby is part of the family now.

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