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Like when doing any kind of academic writing, writing an English essay entails following a number of rules. The rules required to be applied when writing an English essay are there for the purposes of ensuring that you come up with high academic quality material.

Contrary to the belief of many students the rules of writing an English essay were not created just to make the life of the students harder than it already is. Imagine what would happen if all of us decide to apply our own rules to writing an English essay. It may become difficult or even impossible to understand every English essay.

On our website you will get the necessary guidelines to ensure that you come up with an academically acceptable English essay. When students join college, they are introduced to the basic rules of academic writing. Every student is normally required to take the course but for different reasons not every one of them is able to give high quality academic papers when they are expected to.

There are some basics about academic writing that are normally taught in this course when the students are still new in college so that they are even able to do their assignments to the expected academic standard of the institution.

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Students can get academic writing help. Apart from learning the basic rules of academic writing, they can also get ideas for English 101 essay topics. During the introductory course to academic writing, students may be required to come up with an essay to put into practice what they have learnt. Coming up with English 101 essay topics has proven to be a challenge for most students who are beginners. There are a variety of sources from where you can get ideas for English 101 essay topics.

Where to get ideas for English 101 essay topics:

  • The internet

There are thousands of websites online where students can get suggested English 101 essay topics. On our website students can get a lot of help in finding the most suitable topic for their paper. On the internet, you will be able to get a list of possible topics that can suit your need. However, these topics should be rephrased and not used by the students exactly as they appear. You can rephrase the topic or change the scope to make it your original idea.

  • The library

Going through papers done by other students at your institution can also help you to get good English 101 essay topics. Students can learn how to utilize the library in order to come up with good topics for their papers. This is the best place to look since you are able to know exactly what impresses your college instructors.

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Professional academic writers

Seeking help from a professional academic writer is the fastest and most effective way of going about the whole situation. Seeking professional help will mean that you are sure about the quality of the essay topics that you will come up with. The professional may even advice you on the best ways to handle the essay topic.

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